Atomic Wallet Extension for Chrome and Firefox

The Atomic Wallet is a popular decentralized digital currency wallet and exchange application that supports more than 500 currencies and tokens. The wallet's essential function is its decentralized exchange known as Atomic Swap. Founded in 2017 and supports several operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It enables users to utilize their bank cards to buy digital currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin without using a centralized exchange. has become a leading wallet in the cryptocurrency industry.  Benefits of Using Atomic WalletThe Atomic Wallet is best for novices as it is free and enables them to purchase cryptocurrency directly via the wallet if they don't own digital assets.  D
evice Compatibility: The Atomic Wallet is suitable for all devices, such as macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu.A wide selection of crypto: The wallet lets you directly buy digital currencies like ETH, BTC, and others through bank cards. This wallet accepts EUR, USD, and other currencies worldwide.Support a wide range of digital assets: You can use this crypto wallet to swap, store, and exchange more than 500 virtual currencies anonymously.
Easy to use interface: The Atomic Wallet is simple, making it a compatible option for new and professional digital currency investors.
Encrypted private key: The wallet stores users' private keys in their devices to secure their assets and information from cyber threats. Significant Features of Atomic Wallet
The wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet that offers numerous digital currencies and has smartphone and desktop versions. Its simple-to-navigate interface makes it an excellent option for cryptocurrency investors to anonymously and safely manage their portfolios. Apart from providing an opportunity for traders or investors to exchange, swap, or convert cryptocurrency-based assets, the Atomic Wallet also enables users to earn rewards from different means, like cashback and staking programs. The platform offers 24/7 customer support. The wallet supports various digital assets such as: Ethereum (ETH)Bitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP) Litecoin (LTC)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)    Tether USDChainlink (LINK) Guide to Set Up an Account on Atomic WalletGo through the step-by-step procedure below to create a wallet on the Atomic Wallet platform. On DesktopLet's start, launch a web browser, and head to the officialwebsite.  Then, navigate and tap the Create Wallet tab on the home page. Next, develop a hard-to-break password for the safety of your wallet. Please re-enter the password in the preferred field to save it. After that, you will see a twelve-word backup phrase on your screen. This is an essential point for protecting your assets. You must note down and place the phrase somewhere safe. The best way to secure the phrase is to store it offline. Another crucial thing you will see on the screen is allowing Atomic Wallet to gather logs. This is an anonymous procedure with a purpose, to help you in case you reach out to the platform's customer support team.   All done, you can now access all the features of the wallet. On AppYou should download and install the Atomic Wallet app on your desired device to generate a wallet. After downloading the app, you can follow the instructions underneath. First, launch the Atomic Wallet app on your iOS or Android device. Next, you should hit the Create a New Wallet tab at the top left side of the home screen. Then, create a strong password and tap on the Set option. Confirm the password by re-entering the password and allowing the wallet to load.  Now, a 12-word backup phrase will be visible on your screen. The phrase is essential, so jot it down and keep it somewhere safe.  Finally, your wallet is ready to use. Steps to Buy Cryptos on Atomic WalletYou can purchase digital currency in your wallet just in a few taps, quick and reliable. Complete the procedure provided underneath.  To begin, move to the official web page, or you can open its mobile app on your desired device. After accessing your wallet, navigate through the left-hand side sidebar and hit the Buy Crypto tab. Then you will see an interface for purchasing cryptocurrency. Next, select the crypto to exchange and specify your purchase amount. After that, provide the desired amount in the relative field. Consider an estimated amount to get in cryptocurrency equivalent. If everything looks correct, press the
Continue button. Then, a form from Simplex (partner of Atomic Wallet) will appear on your screen. Write all the important details like billing, card, and personal information. Now, review the details and hit the Pay Now tab.  For the next step, verify your email address and mobile number. You will obtain an email with a four-digit code from Simplex. After completing the verification procedure, tap on the Continue icon.Then, verify your identity by uploading a photo ID document on the website and selecting the Upload option.  For the final step, input the password and press the Submit button. After that, you will obtain a notification for a successful transaction. Tap on the Return to Atomic Wallet option. Final VerdictAtomic Wallet provides numerous cryptocurrency-based assets, permitting users to purchase, convert, and swap crypto assets, enabling it to stand as a competitor among other digital currency wallets. With simple to navigate, this decentralized wallet is best for beginners and existing digital currency investors who need privacy, security, speed, and anonymity while handling their transactions and portfolio.